Charles Hallsted Photography


Charles HallstedIt was in 1962 when I first became fascinated with the classic silver gelatin photographic process, and I never ceased to enjoy that magical moment when images developed before my eyes in a darkroom. My cameras have evolved over time, from 35mm to medium format, to large format, and finally to a full-frame digital camera. Rendering an image has also evolved from a darkroom process, to a hybrid process (scanned negatives and digital output), and finally to a complete digital workflow. It has been an incredible technical and artistic journey that never ends as I try to express what I see and experience in the scene.

Black and white photography was my first love, and I especially enjoy the creativity involved to render the tones and forms in a way that gives the image a special character and depth. Whether my images are black and white or color, I always strive to capture the natural light in a way that draws the viewer into the scene and showcases the subject in a unique way.

I have always been drawn to nature and the rural countryside, and I only put my creative energy into subjects that I enjoy. I often find beauty in the smaller parts of a scene that many people might rush by and never see, sometimes referred to as intimate landscapes. It is especially gratifying when someone else finds my images meaningful to them through the eyes of their own experiences in life.

My wife and I live in eastern Washington and often work as an artistic team to create images from our travels primarily in the Pacific Northwest.